Pastors & Staff

Bryan Mincks

Lead Pastor

Bryan has been working with Iron Ridge church since it's formation, alongside his father. He has been involved in almost every facet of church development from worship leader to youth pastor to video and tech. He started his career as the associate pastor in 2015 and was made lead pastor in 2020 with the assistance and blessing of his father and previous lead pastor, Marlan. "I want to see lives changed. I want to hear people say, 'I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for Jesus and what he did in my life.' That's what drives me to do what I do at Iron Ridge." Bryan is married to his wife Angela and currently has one child.

Marlan Mincks

Planting Pastor

In 2002 we moved to Waukon, Iowa to plant Iron Ridge Church. In 2021 we are still growing and impacting our community in many ways. So many people have given so much of their lives to make this possible. Having started in the local high school, then on to owning the Main Feature theater and finally in a new building we built in 2017, God has continued to bless and use us.  My position these days as the planting pastor allows me to focus on a passion I have had as long as I have been in ministry, church planting. Today I am the Assessment director for Converge; an organization of over 1600 churches nationwide who are involved in starting new churches in places where the Gospel is needed. My work with Converge has allowed me to help hundreds of other churches get started. The Gospel is still the “Good news” that transforms lives. Jesus is who He says He is, and He is still bringing hope and healing to people all over the world.

Meet the leadership team.

Terri Mincks

Terri Mincks grew up in Burr Oak, IA and graduated from North Winneshiek School in 1980. She is married to Marlan Mincks, who planted Iron Ridge in Waukon 18 years ago.  She has two sons, Bryan (who is currently the Lead Pastor at Iron Ridge) and Trevor (who plays Drums in the worship band) She has two wonderful daughters-in-law. (Both are named Angela).  She is a grandma to two grandbabies, with two more on the way in 2021!  She plays bass with the worship band and helps organize the music for Sunday mornings. She co-leads Women’s ministries and events, Sunday Morning connections, Stage and Lobby design.  She also helps with outreach events throughout the year.  “Iron Ridge was a God-given vision to my husband and family.  We love our church and dedicated our lives to those who would meet Jesus right where they are at when they come through our doors!

Larry Schellhammer

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Cindy Schellhammer

Cindy Schellhammer is a lifelong resident of Allamakee County. She grew up in Waukon and graduated from Waukon High School in 1977. She currently resides in rural Lansing. Cindy (along with her husband Larry) joined Iron Ridge Church in December of 2013. She is part of the church leadership team. Cindy is a co-leader for women’s Bible studies and helps manage the Sunday morning hospitality ministry. She also helps with stage and lobby design throughout the year. “I feel extremely fortunate to have found my church home here at Iron Ridge! It’s a very welcoming place with a church family who genuinely cares for one another. The foundational Gospel message consistently lights the way for its mission and its people. Through Iron Ridge I look forward to future ministry opportunities individually, in our church, and in our communities.”

Jomarie Scholtes

Jomarie Scholtes moved to Waukon with her late husband (DJ Scholtes) in 2014 to be closer to Iron Ridge. DJ had been serving as the Worship Leader and furthering his commitment in leadership as the Worship Pastor and on staff. Jomarie attended Iron Ridge with her family as a teenager and served on the worship team in the early years. When she was diagnosed with cancer at 21, she experienced firsthand that God was all she would ever need. Loving God and surrendering to His will each day, as if it could be the last, has guided her in life. In 2021, DJ passed away from cancer, but Jomarie was not alone. She is raising their son (Seth) and was able to carry on without fear of the future from the moment DJ took his last breath. God is her steadfast strength and Iron Ridge has been a major support to her. She accepted a staff position and is the Children’s ministry leader. “I’m thankful for the opportunity to support families and serve at Iron Ridge every week. I don’t believe anything happened to me by accident. My path is clear to me, though it has taken turns I didn’t expect, I have been blessed.” As a nurse and mother, Jomarie is passionate about loving and caring for others. She has worked as a pediatric nurse and experienced infertility, as well as comes from a broken home. “I feel connected to many families and kids who face struggles. It’s an honor to be part of each other’s lives and encourage one another and grow in our faith and live in community. Life is messy and we need each other.” Jomarie wants others to know that God has a plan for them even if it isn’t what they expect, and that God can do all things through them no matter what.